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The Treaty of Bajor ended the Dominion War in 2375, but ten years later the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are still recovering: Cardassia in ruins, thousands of ships and lives lost amongst the allies, and psychological trauma for all. A brief spot of hope emerged in 2378 when the USS Voyager returned to the Federation and seemingly crippled the Borg, though the technology brought with it was quickly buried to prevent a new arms race. The next year, 2379 saw the stunning coup of Shinzon of Remus, further destabilizing the Romulan Star Empire and straining the good will between the powers from the Dominion War. A decade of providing reconstruction assistance to her former enemies drains the public support of Starfleet as well.

Still, in the years since, the Alpha and Beta quadrants have reached a state of seeming peace, with the tripartite alliance managing to hold: a state that is seemingly desired by all powers, which led to the formation of the Peregrine Commission. Conceived as a coalition task force amongst the tripartite alliance, along with the Cardassian Union, the project was ambitious in its scope: prevent future wars before they started by joint diplomacy, intelligence, and strategic intervention. Sadly, the project has failed before it was able to start.

In March of 2385 two unthinkable things occurred at once. First a Ferengi terrorist cell controlled by the enigmatic Black Nagus managed to place a mole in the Commission and made a daring attack, abducting the Commissions chief architect, Fleet Admiral Berman, and leaving others missing, presumed abducted or dead. Almost simultaneously, news of the impending supernova of Eisn, the Romulan Star, and the corresponding destruction of Romulus and Remus became public, rocking the quadrant. Now the much reduced Commission must attempt to fulfil its mandate against Romulan splinter factions while investigating and hunting down the Black Nagus.

Star Trek: Peregrine is rated 16+.

Latest Mission Posts

» [Peregrine/Pioneer] Beneath the Raptor's Wings

Mission: S1 "Semper Idem"
Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 12:24am by Brigadier General Ieuan Matashi & Captain Kenneth Grant & Captain Tivan & Commander Matthew Rutherford M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Olivia Platte & Decebal & Major Sara Mattis

Hanging in the darkness of Caelia's shadow for its night cycle, the lights of Peregrine station twinkled on, unconcerned by events taking place throughout the galaxy. For whatever cosmic reason, things usually occurred when the senior staff was on duty, but tonight would be different. Lounging on the command dais…

» Of Traitors and Mayhem

Mission: S1 "The Invisible Hand"
Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 9:27pm by Lieutenant JG Jean-Marie LĂ©onard Leclerc de Hauteclocque

LeClerc rubbed his temples as he looked at the information spread in front of him. He knew the key had to be there somewhere, but the question was where. He had been going in circles, and still seemed to be stuck there. Without clearance to classified information, it appeared he…

» Silence Still Means Death Part 2

Mission: Mission 0 - "Auld Lang Syne"
Posted on Thu Dec 17th, 2020 @ 9:48am by Captain Kenneth Grant

The elevator rattled to a stop inside the base-station of the beanstalk, tell-tale hiss of air alerting the occupants to the equalization of air pressure, though no one thought it wise to risk leaving their helmets off on the planet until they were more sure of its safety. From the…

» [Peregrine]Caelia

Mission: S1 "Semper Idem"
Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2020 @ 1:44am by Captain Kenneth Grant & Commander Matthew Rutherford M.D. & Lwazanda Ral Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed & Decebal

Ambassador Ral had taken the initiative to set up a small luncheon in the Wardroom of Peregrine Station. She invited some key players to assist in the discussion about the refugee situation and the possibility of relocating some refugees to Caelia.

A steward set out trays of Uttaberry jelly, Targ…

» [Pioneer] From Ashes

Mission: S1 "Semper Idem"
Posted on Tue Nov 17th, 2020 @ 6:41am by Captain Tivan & Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn

The shuttle made it to the crash site in mere minutes, the interim being in solemn silence. All five officers knew the consequences of discovering the worst to be true. In theory the shuttle could limp back to Federation space and ping a Starfleet patrol vessel for rescue. However, if…